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Monthly sessions offered throughout the school year

Red Ball 1 & 2 (Age 4 - 5.5/Age 5.5-7)

This program inspires very young children to experience tennis in a happy and positive environment. Players learn the basics with partner-based activities, developing hand/eye coordination, motor skills and ball control.

Orange (Age 7-8)/Green Ball (Ages 9-10)

Children refine strokes and consistency, and work on balance and footwork. Singles and doubles competition and strategy are introduced. Age-appropriate equipment and instruction ensure a positive and fun learning experience.

Junior Program 1 & 2 (Ages 11-16)

Our Junior Program classes are for recreational and competitive junior tennis players. Participants will be grouped by age and ability. Beginner and recreational players will learn grip and stroke technique fundamentals, footwork patterns, net play and serve and return. Competitive players will refine technique across a broad variety of strokes, learn key footwork patterns, improve their ability to play the net, their serve and return and refine singles and doubles strategies with regular themed point play to prepare them for competitive match play.

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