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Services we offer 

Court Reservations

We are one of Fort Worth's only public facilities with online reservation software. We recommend you reserve a court either over the phone or through our online  system. Drop in play is always welcome at McLeland TC but know that the courts could be fully booked if no reservation has been made.  

There is no fee to reserve a court.  

 Court fees are $4.00 per person for 1.5hs

Ball Machine Rental

Our state of the art Playmate Ball Machine is always conveniently located on the court. Practice for an hour to really improve your game. The ball machine can provide all spins, placement, power, hight, and depth. Ask our staff to show you the various features to optimize your playing experience. Ball machine pricing include court fees.

Ball Machine fees are $18 per hr. Monthly passes available. Ask our pro shop for more information.


With over 50 different strings to choose from we are certain you will find the right fit for your game. Our string brands include Wilson, Babolat, Head, ranging from Natural Gut to Poly to Syn Gut. Our state of the art electric stringing machine (US Open machine) is used by our Certified Racquet Technician. We also change grommets, balance racquets, increase grip sizes and change out grips. For only $18 for stringing labor, this is the best service in town. Contact our stringer for all your racquet needs.

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